Travel the World on a Budget :‚Äč The Complete Course

In this 3-hour-and-a-half video course I will teach you everything you need to know to plan your round-the-world trip. You’ll learn how to stay safe and healthy during your travels while being able to reduce your expenses concerning accommodation, food, transportation and activities.

How to Travel Around the World on a Budget 1

topics Covered

Flight Tickets

How, where, and when to find the cheapest flight ticket you'll ever find! I'll even include one special trick that allowed me to save lots of $!


Taking the bus, the train, bike travel, hitchhiking, or even boat hitchhiking. They are all here with every tip you need to know.


Including hotels, hostels, Couchsurfing, AirBnb, but also wild camping, volunteering abroad and free places to sleep!

Health & Safety

The dangers abroad can be numerous, but this class will teach you everything you need to know to avoid any problem while traveling.

and so much more…

The Course Curriculum

Every lecture included in this course

  • 1. Introduction to the Course (2 min)
  • 2. Who am I and why did I create this course? (5 min)
  • 3. Print your Travel Planning Guide (PDF)
  • 4. How Much Does it Cost to Travel Around the World? (5 min)
  • 5. Everything you need to know about Visas! (5 min)
  • 6. Never Pay Banking Fee ever again! (4 min)
  • 7. Essential Free Travel Apps – A Starter’s Kit (PDF)
  • 8. Create your Itinerary (Assignment)
  • 9. Stay Safe – My Best Safety Tips to Travel Around the World! (8 min)
  • 10. When and Where you might get Stolen (5 min)
  • 11. The 17 Most Common Scams Explained! (10 min)
  • 12. Health – My Best Tips to Stay Healthy Abroad (5 min)
  • 13. Traveling (or not?) with the Covid-19 (4 min)
  • 14. The Best Paid Options to Sleep (Hotel, Hostel, AirBnb..) and where to find them! (11 min)
  • 15. Couchsurfing explained by an Experienced User (100+ references) (11 min)
  • 16. Wild Camping (Where to camp? + Tips & Equipment) (11 min)
  • 17. Volunteering: How does it work and what to expect? (9 min)
  • 18. Volunteering: How to Find a Volunteering Position? (9 min)
  • 19. Tested & Approved Places to Sleep for FREE! (and stay alive) (6 min)
  • 20. House Sitting (5 min)
  • 21. What you Need to Know to Find Cheap Flight Tickets (6 min)
  • 22. The Best Websites to Find Cheap Flight Tickets (10 min)
  • 23. The Currency Trick – Pay Less with a Simple Trick! (4 min)
  • 24. How to Fly on a One Way Ticket? (6 min)
  • 25. Where to Find the Best Travel Deals? (3 min)
  • 26. 10 Tips to Search and Book your Bus/Train Ticket! (5 min)
  • 27. Booking with a Travel Agency is much more expensive! + Two Concrete Examples (7 min)
  • 28. Introduction to Bike Travel + The List of Things you need to start! (3 min)
  • 29. Should you Hitchhike? + My Story to prove you that Hitchhiking still works! (3 min)
  • 30. How to Hitchhike? The 3-minute Crash Course (3 min)
  • 31. Do’s and Don’ts of Hitchhiking (5 min)
  • 32. Safety: Hitchhiking Tips from a Woman! (4 min)
  • 33. Boat Hitchhiking – Hitchhike Across Oceans! (11 min)
  • 34. 6 Ways to Lower your Food Budget! (5 min)
  • 35. How to avoid to buy a plastic bottle every single time you’re thirsty (2 min)
  • 36. Reduce your Activity budget without cutting all the fun! (6 min)
  • 37. 8 Travel Tips (5 min)
  • 38. Packing – Tips to pack efficiently! (5 min)
  • 39. Download the Ultimate Packing List! (PDF)
  • 40. How to Earn Money on the road? (4 min)
  • 41. A Complete List of Useful Travel Resources (PDF)
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What a great course! I’ve learned so much and I finally managed to take some steps to start a long trip around the world. I now feel confident to set off on a journey.

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