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Why being a Volunteer Abroad?

I love to volunteer abroad! I can have a deeper understanding of another culture and cut costs on accommodation. Perfect when you are on a long-term trip abroad!

For about 4 to 5 hours of work, 5 days a week, you can expect to get accommodation and food in return.

I love the concept and I have been volunteering for multiple years. This is a list of the 6 best volunteering platforms to volunteer abroad:

The 6 Best Volunteering Platforms :

20€ for 2 years

HelpX, short for “Help Exchange”, was created in 2001 by Rob Prince.

Volunteers need to register to use the website. They need to pay a subscription of 20€ to qualify as a “Premier Helper”. As such, you’ll be able to send an unlimited amount of messages to hosts anywhere in the world.

You can also use the website for free after registering, you need to fill your profile, and especially include your next travel plans. Hosts of this country will be able to see your profile and can contact you directly.

It’s a platform with many listings of farms, homestays, ranches, lodges, backpackers hostels and even sailing boats.

HelpX is our favorite option to volunteer abroad and we’ve been members since 2013. It is cheaper than other big volunteering platforms, but you can still find a good pool of hosts in most places.

The user interface on the website used to be terrible, but it has been updated in 2020 and it’s now much easier to navigate around.

Cheaper than most platforms, good value for money
Possible to use for free

Can be difficult to find a host in less touristic countries and continents

Want to know more about HelpX? Check out our experience volunteering in 3 different places in Switzerland!

39€ for a year

Workaway is quite similar to Helpx. The differences are that there are more hosts on Workaway, but it’s also significantly more expensive.

The website is pretty active and signing up on Workaway is probably a good idea if you’re planning to volunteer abroad in less touristic countries. You’ll definitely find more hosts in Africa on Workaway than on Helpx for instance.

According to their website, there are over 50,000 listings in more than 170 countries worldwide

Probably the best and most complete volunteering platform
More hosts in less touristic countries

More expensive than most platforms

Usually 20 to 30$ a year to volunteer in ONE country

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) focuses on organic farms. It is therefore more specific than Helpx or Workaway.

WWOOF is a network of local organisations. The main drawback is that there’s no international membership, meaning that you need to pay an annual fee in every country you’re planning to volunteer in.

The fee depends in each country, but it’s usually around 20 to 30$ a year. It can also be more, for instance a one-year subscription to WWOOF USA is $40.

Best for farm work
Promote environmentally-conscious projects

You need to pay a subscription in every country you're planning to volunteer in

$49 for 18 months

WorldPackers is a rather recent volunteering platform. It seems that it was created in 2018.

You’ll often find this platform being recommended by travel bloggers, mainly because they are the only one in this list with an affiliate program.

You should expect to find similar listings as the ones on Helpx and Workaway, with offers ranging from farm work to backpacker hostels.

There’s no limitation in terms of messages and countries where you can apply for a volunteering position.

Well-made website
18-month subscription can be more suitable for some

Recent website not yet fully respected by the backpacking community

Check our article to discover different ways to volunteer abroad, such as finding a position face-to-face or on the internet.


Volunteers Base is totally free and support itself thanks to volunteers and donations.

It works in a similar way as other classic volunteering platforms, the major difference is that it’s free.

However they have much less volunteering opportunities with a total of 1.500 offers worldwide, according to their website.

I’ve found a nice flyer on their website summarizing how it works, and how you can help if you’re interested in promoting a non-profit alternative to other volunteering platforms.


Non-profit and free to use

Limited amount of hosts


HippoHelp was created in 2017 by a Swedish guy living in China.

It’s also a free alternative that allows you to find positions to volunteer abroad after signing up.

Free to use

Limited amount of hosts

What about YOU? Do you want to Volunteer Abroad? Any experience on these Volunteering Platforms? Share with us!

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