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Preparing a trip to the Yushan National Park can seem like a daunting task due to the lack of information in English. After writing our experience on this blog sharing how we hiked Yushan, I received numerous questions about accommodation and where to sleep.

I hope this article will be sufficiently clear for anyone willing to visit the Yushan National Park. It’s a gorgeous area, and you should not let the slightly complicated process deter you!

Yes, be aware that you’re going to need a permit if you want to hike in the Yushan National Park area. You need to apply at least 5 days in advance. If you don’t plan on sleeping within the national park, then the whole process would become easier.

I also explain everything concerning the permit and the required steps on the Hiking Yushan article that you shouldn’t miss!

Maxime and Darian at the top of Yushan
Us, on top of Yushan!

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Your Options to Sleep in the Yushan National Park

The Walami Cabin
The Walami Cabin

The situation is rather simple: You want to hike within the Yushan National Park? You need a permit. You want to sleep within the Yushan National Park? You need to apply for a cabin or a campground when you apply for the aforementioned permit.

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It is not allowed to just drop by and sleep. All the cabins and campgrounds are owned by the government and managed through the Yushan National Park headquarters.

As far as I know, only one of all these cabins and campgrounds is not free. The Paiyun Lodge, where a night costs 480NTD per night (~16US$).

You need to apply at least one month in advance to sleep in the Paiyun Lodge, the Yuanfong Cabin/Campground and the Walami Cabin/Campground. For the other cabins and campgrounds, at least 7 days in advance is fine.

Check out the complete list of cabins & campgrounds.

A list of every accommodation option in the Yushan National Park
The complete list with every option to sleep inside the Yushan National Park

As you can see, there are two options: Sleeping in a cabin, or a campground. Some of them are both a cabin and a campground, such as the Yuanfong cabin / campground.

Picture of The Yuanfong Cabin / Campground
The Yuanfong Cabin / Campground

Remember that all these cabins and campgrounds are rather basic. There might not be any bathroom and surely no electricity.

If you’re planning to stay over in a cabin, you will need to bring your own accommodation gear and sleeping bag. The utmost majority of these cabins don’t provide any gear. However, the Paiyun Lodge can provide these for a fee.

A campground is basically nothing more than a flat space to pitch your tent. You need to bring your own tent and your sleeping gear if you’re planning to sleep at a campground.

Don’t have high expectations about what you will find in terms of comfort. This is primarily destined to provide shelters for hikers.

Water is usually available at nearby waterfalls, streams or rivers.

Where are the cabins and campgrounds located?

The best map I could find in English is available on this link.

Map of the Yushan National Park
A map of the Yushan National Park

The Paiyun Lodge

The Paiyun Lodge is the most popular accommodation within the Yushan National Park. It’s also by far the biggest with 116 beds. One simple reason for that: The lodge is the only accommodation located on the main trail to the Yushan mountain and is just 2.4 kilometers away from the summit!

Many locals apply to sleep at the lodge, but as a foreigner, you can have priority access if you apply to stay over between Sunday and Thursday night. There are 24 spots reserved for foreigners for the weeknights.

You can apply to stay at the lodge between 35 days to 4 months in advance.

The price is 480NT$ per night.

The Paiyun Lodge provides hot water only between 1:30 am and 2:30 am, 7 am and 9 am and 2 pm and 5 pm at the site for visitors. Electricity is available from 6 to 8 pm.

You can apply for the Paiyun Lodge here, check for more information about the lodge here and more about the rules here.

The Paiyun Lodge
The Paiyun Lodge, the day of our hike to Yushan

Your Options to Sleep Near the Yushan National Park

The closest option to the Yushan trail to sleep is the Dongpu Villa Hostel (also known as the Dongpu Lodge). It’s the only accommodation within the Yushan National Park where you don’t need to get a permit. Yes, technically it is within the boundaries of the park. It’s just a 5-minute-walk away from the start of the Yushan trail. It’s also cost-effective at just 300NTD a person a night (~10$). However, I must warn you it is not the best in terms of comfort. You’ll be sleeping in a dorm shared by 19 other trekkers and facilities are quite limited, although they provide dinner & breakfast for a fee.

You can’t book online, and as the staff doesn’t speak English, it is best to ask a Chinese-speaking friend to make a phone call and book beforehand.

Dongpu Villa Hostel
Inside a dorm of the Dongpu Villa Hostel

Sleeping in Alishan

Why sleeping in Alishan?

Sleeping in Alishan is the best option in terms of comfort, while still being relatively close to the Yushan National Park. From Alishan, you’re just 20 kilometers away from the start of the Yushan trail. The Alishan National Forest Recreation Area is one of the most beautiful areas of Taiwan and shouldn’t be missed.

Getting to Alishan shouldn’t be a problem, as it is well connected with Chiayi and the rest of Taiwan. However the lack of public transportation between Alishan and the Yushan National Park is a major downside. If you happen to miss one of the few buses available, you will definitely manage to find a local taxi to bring you up, or hitchhiking is another option.


Where to sleep in Alishan?

The Best Choice: The 4-star Alishan Hotel

The Best Homestay: Alishan Tea Homestay

The Cheapest Option (although further away from Alishan): 老老街誠君民宿 (there’s no English name)

The Cheapest Option in Alishan: Cing Shan Hotel

Other Great Options: Wankou Hotel and 櫻山大飯店

You can also use our map to find the best accommodation suitable for your needs:
Alishan Hotel
View from the Alishan Hotel

Sleeping in Chiayi

Why sleeping in Chiayi?

Chiayi is well-connected with all the West Coast of Taiwan thanks to its two stations, the Chiayi Railway Station and the Chiayi HSR Station. The high-speed train between Taipei and Chiayi only takes slightly more than an hour! It’s also just a stone’s throw away from other popular touristic hubs such as Tainan, Kaohsiung or Taichung, and you can easily take a bus to Alishan the next day, or even saving yourself a headache by taking a taxi directly to the Yushan National Park for about 100US$ (3000NTD)

Another advantage of staying in Chiayi is the amount of choice you’ll have to spend the night, ranging from backpackers hostels to 5-star hotels. It could be a great way to treat yourself, before, or even after, submitting the Yushan mountain!

The Chiayi Tower
The Chiayi Tower

Where to sleep in Chiayi?

There are plenty of great hostels and hotels in the city of Chiayi. You can find all the available accommodation in the city of this link. I found the prices to be cheaper than the rest of Taiwan, as you can stay in a 5-star hotel for less than 100$ a night for a double room! Here’s my selection:

The Best Splurge: Choose between two different 5-star hotels! Hsin Hotel and Nice Prince Hotel

The Best Hostel: KM Hostel

The Most Famous Franchise: Holiday Inn Express Chiayi

The Best Price for a 4-Star Hotels: Chiayi Look Hotel

The Best 3-Star Hotel: Lantan Fanyue Inn

The Quietest Option (and a 9.5 rating!): 五柳園民宿 (no English name yet, but worth checking it out!)

You can also find the most suitable option for your need on the map below:
The Quietest Option: 五柳園民宿

Sleeping in Xinyi

Where is Xinyi?

Xinyi map
Xinyi Map Zoomed out
The same map zoomed out

Why staying in Xinyi?

Xinyi, located about 40 kilometers from the start of the Yushan trail, is home to the Bunun indigenous tribe. Staying in Xinyi will offer you majestic views of the Yushan Mountain and an authentic experience of an aboriginal village.

Nestled in nature, Xinyi is also the start of several hiking trails going to the Yushan National Park, and is very close to the Dongpu hot spring.

If coming from Taipei or Taichung with your own mean of transportation, you’ll certainly pass by the village. However, public transportation is even scarcer on this side of the mountain. There are two buses a day coming from the Sun Moon Lake and going to the entrance of the Yushan trail that you might be able to catch. Hitchhiking is still a solid option as my wife did, while I cycled this very same road.

Do you like to go off-the-beaten tracks? Xinyi is where you want to spend time!

And if you need some cycling inspiration, check out how I cycled the highest road in Taiwan and reached 3.275m in just a day!

Manaskal view of Yushan
View of the Yushan mountain from the Manaskal Guesthouse

Where to sleep in Xinyi?

The Highest Rated: Tabakai

Cheapest Option for a dorm: GO Bill B&B

The Most Recently Opened: Chanshuo Forestville

The Best View of Yushan: Lorna Resort

The Cheapest Double Room: Manaskal (Very friendly hosts! But there are 10 cats living on the property so you should be fine with that)

The Closest Hotel to the Hot Spring: Dongpo Ti Lun Hotel (3-star)

Find more options on the map:
The Top-Rated Option: Tabakai

Useful Resources

The official website of the Yushan National Park (English version)

Apply for a permit for the Yushan National Park (use the same link to apply for accommodation)

Facebook page of the Yushan National Park

Map of the Yushan National Park (include every cabin and campground)

Our article about how to hike Yushan

Check out all our articles about Taiwan

Feel free to share with us your experience in the Yushan National Park, and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need help to plan your trip!

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This is amazing information, I’m a non Chinese speaker travelling alone to hike Yushan in 1 Day, I already got the permits but couldn’t find accommodation in Dongpu lodge as it’s fully booked on the day I’ll be travelling. I’m thinking of the below options, please let me know if you have any information 1. Stay in Chiayi the night before and arrange for a private transport to the trailhead – Do you have any recommendations or contacts for taxi/tourist agency ? I tried to find one but couldn’t locate 2. Stay at the trailhead the night before – Bring… Read more »